Hello World

I guess every weblog has to start somewhere.This is my first real weblog. I kinda started one over at Blogger but didn’t like the service and only posted once or twice. I saw what typepad could do at www.kevinrose.com and decided thats what I wanted.For years I could never work out why weblogs were so popular – didn’t see the big deal. For years I used to post a .plan on my unix account and used to something similar on my first personal websites. But I haven’t done that for years. I wanted a personal website where I could quickly post some thoughts and info about me. List some cool sites I liked, post some photos etc. I can do this with my job as a webmaster but I wanted something quick and easy to do. Plus I thought it would be good if it wasn’t a “deliberate” thing I had to sit down and do. If I wanted to post something I could write a quick note and thats that.Then I discovered thats what Weblogs seemed to be able to give you. Once I found Kevins site I knew this was what I wanted.So here I am.

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