Eric the 6th – New PC

Time for a new computer !!

Well – time for a new desktop anyway. I have a newish Dell 600m laptop that I bought about 3 months or so ago (recently upgraded to 1 gig ram – best thing!!). But my old desktop and second computer is getting very old. I’ve been wanting to use it more for video and photography stuff, DVD editing, GAMES, Fiona’s machine, GAMES and um DOOM 3 and Far Cry 🙂

So for the last few months I’ve been thinking about a new computer. I was going to try to upgrade the current unit but that basically meant everything anyway – probably even a new PSU to drive everything and then a new case would almost essential for better circulation etc.

Decided to go AMD. Something different. Seems to be better value than the intel units. Plus I wanted 64bit and NX on the board for better protection. I was going to go for a mid-level graphics card. But with the new cards from NVidea and ATI there was a massive jump and so I wet with a NVidea 6800. Memory was 1 gig (2 x 512) but went for Crucial Ultra Low latency stuff. Supposed to be good for 20-30% better speed. Hard drive was going to be a simple biggish drive but it got to a point where everything else was going to be the best speed – so a SATA Raid array was the go. Motherboard was ASUS – just good value and better quality. Powersupply is a Thermal Take 560W unit. Got it not necessarily for the extra W but because that unit has sleaved cabes – better for airflow again. And it all does into a nice Lian Li 61 case.

Again – the best.

AMD Athlon64 3200+ 2.0GHz 64-Bit CPU?Asus K8N-E Deluxe nForce3 250 Athlon64 Skt754 M/B?Asus V9999GE “Gamers Edition” 6800 AGP Video card – 256Mb?PC-3200 1024MB Corsair TwinX-XL 2-2-2-5 Xtra-Low Latency (2x512MB sticks)?Pioneer DVR-108D Black IDE DVD-RW drive?Samsung SM352 Black CD-RW+DVD ROM?Black-anodized Midi Tower all-Aluminium case Lian Li PC61?ThermalTake Black Silent Purepower 560W PSU

Basically it kicks ass !!!!

I’ll get some pics up once I work that bit out.

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