Quick – tidy the house – Slashdot is coming over

Welcome Slashdotters…

For those who have no idea what I am talking about, I had a article published on the Slashdot website. Anyway. Been a long time since I did an update on this. Had a very busy summer / Christmas updating software and other sites. Went very well. Just done a little update to this blog too – made it a little brighter and fixed up the RSS / Atom feed for it.

Had a great Christmas / holiday with the family and Fiona’s family. We spent Xmas day in Dubbo after flying to Griffith and then getting a hire car. Much better than driving all the way and HEAPS cheaper than flying via Sydney. Then flew back after a couple of great days.

Worked out the problem with the digital TV – it was the crap external USB1 box that had the problem with WIN / Prime (9/7). Got a nice internal TV card now and it does the job niceley. The photo moblog was fun over Xmas – took a few photos of the trip as we drove along. Need to edit the comments a bit and probably post some more there too.

Plans for the wedding are going along fine. Only 6 weeks to go or something like that. Went down to Adelaide a couple of weeks ago to register for gifts at Myer and get me a nice suit. We have met with the people at the reception place. I think this weekend we are going through the vows and sorting out some other little things and then we will be pretty much done. Really starting to look forward to it.

Dad is enjoying retirement. Keeping himself busy around the house and garden. We have been playing a bit of golf each week which is nice. Mum obviously enjoys having him home. Megan has moved back to Mildura for 6 months or so after leaving her job in Adelaide. She is looking to do something in Melbourne later in the year. She has been helping me get the updates for the Mildura Victoria websites ready.

Hope all is well with you.

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