Credit card hacked

Got a phone call today from one of my credit card providers – Citibank. Seems my Mastercard has been “comprimised” and needs to be replaced!

They didn’t offer any details but I assume it was from that situation where 40 million credit cards have been comprimised in the States. From what I remember some merchant was keeping details the wrong way and basically they got busted. Must be costing the banks a massive amount to track down 40 million customers. Someone is going to have a big bill to pay.

Of course the customers (me) aren’t exposed – the banks have to cover any illegal charges to the cards. That’s their problem. But I have to now work out what recurring bills and accounts were set up on that card and change them so thats probably 6 hours work. Already had a problem with the subscription for one of my magazines.

Glad it wasn’t my other main card – everything gets charged to that – would take a couple of days to switch everything on that one.

Better check the statements in the next month or so.

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