A great weekend in Sydney

At the moment I am spending a few days away on a bit of holiday.
This weekend is the Batboys weekend in Bathurst which I am really looking forward to.  It is also the CSU Rugby Old Boys weekend so it should be a good time to catch up with a lot of people.
But I am in Sydney this week enjoying some time away and catching up on a few things.  I am staying with Gus at his apartment which is pretty close to the city.  Unfortunately he is on jury duty at the moment and so I away during the day.  Bit frustrating but we can still see each other at night.
First night we were here we saw Fantastic Four.  Not a movie I was planning on seeing but it was actually pretty good.  Very funny in some parts.  Like most of these franchise movies I find they spend waaaay to long at the start of the movie setting up the story.  How the super heros were created etc.  Just Get On With It.

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