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Well after setting up with Twitter a couple of weeks ago (184 posts and counting), I somehow ended up finally opening a Facebook account.

Had a lot of fun with it so far – definitely the big time sucking vortex it has the reputation for. ┬áBut after a couple of days finding friends and playing around with some widgets, its not so addictive.

Add me as a friend.

One thought on “MQ @ Facebook

  1. Hi Michael,
    I’m from the Microbee Technology Forum ( ) where we are trying to archive everything Microbee. So, recently I received one lone copy of the Broken Hill Microbee Users Group “The Barrier Buzz” newsletter, vol 2 number 5 with Michael Quinn the Editor. Would that be you ? If so would you still have any of the old clubs Newsletters that I could borrow to scan and archive ? Or would you know of anyone else that may have them. Hope you can help me.
    Cheers, Alan

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